Beautiful snowy winter landscape, Šerák, Jeseniky Mountains

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14 January 2019

It was one of the very few days in January when the top of the mountains were not completely hidden in clouds. After constantly checking the weather I quickly decided to go for a short afternoon hike. Packed my gear, set off at noon and arrived at Ramzová, the lower cable car station at 2pm. Sky was partly clear, there was even a chance for a sunset! At least for a while :-)

I bought a ticket all the way up to Serak. My plan was to go to a close rock formation called Obri skaly (Giant's rocks) for sunset (as I did almost the same day a year before), but it turned out to be impossible without snowshoes. Still this short trip was amazing, everything was completely covered in snow.

I took out the camera already on the cable car, the landscape was quite spectacular.

Arriving at the upper station at 2:30, putting crampons on and going up to the peak, it's just few minutes walk to the challet.

The snow around the challet was fine and firm, so I went in the direction to Obri skaly. It took just 40 minutes to get there last year at the same time of year and the path was beaten. However, this year's heavy snow made the trail inaccessible without snow shoes. Actually, I couldn't even find the trail, and even if I did, there would be no way getting further than just few steps as I was sinking into the snow almost up to my butt :-)
Well, the thought about buying snowshoes came to a final decision, finally.

Few photos of the frozen challet on the top ot Šerák. The sun seemed to be coming out for a while, but then the clouds came.

Heading round the mountaintop to a trail going down to the middle cable car station called Čerňava. The path was beaten, luckily.
It was getting very cloudy and dark very quickly. There was nobody, except for few tourists around the challet and one cross-country skier. So quiet and calm.

Few panoramas:

Arriving at Čerňava, middle station, almost at dark, and going down the ski slope to the parking place.
Šerák Mt. is located in Jeseniky Mountains in the Czech Republic.
peak: 1351 m , GPS: 50.1866897N, 17.1065725E

free parking place Ramzová - lower cable car station:
50.1917472N, 17.0683747E
check their website (better call) before going, it might not operate every day in winter all the way up

check the realtime weather on these webcams
Čerňava ( middle station) - http://www.holidayinfo.cz/cs/camera/sunskiramzova/2079
Šerák (peak) - http://portal.chmi.cz/files/portal/docs/meteo/kam/prohlizec.html?cam=serak